ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew


Hello from ZodTTD. Glad you’re interested in my software!
As of late, most of my products are for Apple’s iOS driven devices such as the iPhone.
But I have expanded further into Android!

As I expand my site more information and support will be found here for each product of mine.

I will be updating this page with my Android software shortly as well. For now, the highlight is psx4droid.

My current list of Apple iOS software includes:

  • Falling Sands (along with Lite version)
  • Falling Sands 2 (along with Lite version)

Cydia Store:

  • psx4iphone (Sony Playstation 1 emu)
  • snes4iphone (Super Nintendo emu)
  • gpSPhone (Nintendo Gameboy Advance emu)


  • n64iphone (Nintendo64 emu)
  • genesis4iphone (Sega Genesis emu)
  • gameboy4iphone (Nintendo Gameboy / Color emu)
  • temper4iphone (Turbo Graphix¬† / PC-Engine w/CD support emu)
  • vlc4iphone / OpenStreamer (VLC-like media player)

Open source software I’ve ported has it’s compliant source code posted at: