ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew


I’m the mysterious ZodTTD, a programmer who mainly focuses on porting software. I also dabble in video game console emulation.

My first port was a piece of software titled OpenTTD. I brought it from the PC to a little known PalmOS based handheld called the Tapwave Zodiac. This is how the name ZodTTD came about, as it was the name of this port.

Lately I’ve caused quite the stir in the iPhone & iPod Touch homebrew scene. From emulators to media players, I aim to fill the void of software on these “jailbroken” devices.

I currently run a community source for Cydia, which makes software I host available to nearly every jailbroken Apple device.

For more information, or just to get in touch, consider writing me via the Contact menu option on the right sidebar.