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Open Source Software Licensing

Open Source Software Licensing

I will make this as to-the-point as possible so it is read in it’s entirety.

There is a large group of people quite upset over my handling of open source software.

I maintain my compliance with various OSS (Open Source Software) licensing agreements by posting my project’s source code to my zodttd account at GitHub. The only thing that can be discussed is the lack of timely updates to GitHub on a couple of projects out of many. I was also made aware recently that I may have to pull a Cydia Store product, and I am researching the best way to continue while letting people enjoy the product.

I am addressing concerns over the timely updates by going over my GitHub and making sure it all is up to date.

Note that in order to comply with licenses my OSS ports typically fall under (GPL v1/v2), I should only need to provide source upon request. I feel as though providing sources in a timely manner via GitHub is something I should do, even though it is not required by the license.

That’s the extent of this issue at hand. If you have further concerns you may address them here.

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