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Open Source Software Licensing

I will make this as to-the-point as possible so it is read in it’s entirety. There is a large group of people quite upset over my handling of open source software. I maintain my compliance with various OSS (Open Source Software) licensing agreements by posting my project’s source code to my zodttd account at GitHub. The only thing that can be discussed is the lack of timely updates to GitHub on a couple of projects out of many. I was also made aware recently that I may have to pull a Cydia Store product, and I am researching the best... [+]

It hit hard!

It hit hard!

Hello, ZodTTD here again. Things have been rough as of late. Please read this one through as it will also shine a little light on why products and updates have not been rolling out. I’ve been extremely busy getting things straight in the “real world”. Though Google’s takedown of my Market and Checkout account couldn’t have come at a worse time. As you may have seen, Yong Zhang (yongzh) of Android emulator fame, was also taken down from Market by Google in the same manner that I was. First and foremost, our takedowns have nothing to do with any sort... [+]