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psx4droid updated to 3.0.5

psx4droid updated to 3.0.5

Hello all!

I just pushed out an update for psx4droid, now at 3.0.5.

The save state bug is now fixed. It affected people on stock Android ROMs.

Through various bug fixes this release should allow more hardware on various Android ROMs to run psx4droid. I’m interested if this build fixes the following hardware to allow games to be played:

  • Google Nexus S
  • SE Xperia PLAY
  • LG Optimus 2x
  • Xoom / Honeycomb
  • Dell Streak

You can download the latest psx4droid.apk install file here:


I’d also like to thank those few who have used the Donate page to send me donations. It is very much appreciated and helps me know my work on this is also appreciated on this project.



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