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psx4droid updated to 3.0.4

psx4droid updated to 3.0.4

Hello! I updated psx4droid to 3.0.2. This update includes fixes for the virtual keypad, settings panel, and adds debugging features. These debugging features include generating crash reports to help me figure out how to fix incompatibility with certain hardware and Android ROMs.

Updated April 11th 9:19pm EST:

psx4droid is now at version 3.0.4. The changelog is below.

I encourage all users of psx4droid to upgrade to 3.0.4, especially if you’re using 3.0.1 or earlier, as it will help me pin down bugs and make fixing them easier.

Download the latest version as always right here:


Here’s the changelog:

3.0.4 since 3.0.3:

- Fixed the hardware key mappings and they are now fully functional. Settings stick as well.
- Fixed a bug causing various phones to crash due to a multitouch related issue. One phone affected is the Xperia Play. This fix may give multitouch issues in virtual keypad mode, so if this is the case, let me know.
- Removed a legacy call to set the surface type of a view. Determining if this affects performance any, though it shouldn’t.

3.0.3 since 3.0.2:

- Fixed Key Mapping settings.
- Fixed a bug causing MotionEvent crashes due to multitouch implementation in some hardware.
- Tweaked the silent crash report logging. Should help me debug better.

3.0.2 since 3.0.1:

- Fixed a bug causing settings not to save and crashes in the settings panel. Virtual Keypad settings should work now.
- Fixed a bug causing crashes when a screenshot is made twice in a row or more.
- Fixed a bug in a temporary fashion to stop crashes when virtual keyboard control bitmap sizes could not be determined with getWidth() in some firmwares.
- Removed localization until a proper localized text can be made.
- Reset the quick load on start feature to default to off.
- Added debugging tools to help track crashes and supply crash reports.



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