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psx4droid updated to 3.0.1

psx4droid updated to 3.0.1

Hello again!

Just a quick note that I have updated psx4droid to 3.0.1. Now you can always find the latest version of psx4droid to download at this link:


What’s new?

I fixed a bunch of bugs in the settings screen causing force closes as well as settings not saving. I also added the option to show the current framerate.

However, I’m still looking into the incompatibility of psx4droid on the LG Optimus / Honeycomb / Xoom devices. Since I do not have any of these devices, it will take a good amount of time debugging.

Of note, I found out the source code psx4droid is based on, uses  source code by smf to emulate the GTE. I am crediting him here in addition to the readme.



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