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Hello world, how are you?

Hello world, how are you?

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since we last spoke! I’ve been up to all sorts. There has been a lot going on in my personal life. Being so stressed out from constant work for the past two years on all things ZodTTD, I started to get back to that outside world. Lots of socializing time later, I am now back to work again. Ah shucks, who am I kidding when I call this work. It’s pretty friggin’ fun!

As you may have noticed, I have streamlined this website very much. The goal being a way I can quickly deliver news to you about what I’m working on. Twitter only extends so far at the moment. I really need a place I feel safe to express what’s going on in the world of ZodTTD. There was a time I dreaded posting, as comments flooded in so fast and sometimes so nasty that I couldn’t handle cleaning it up. I now have two solutions to this issue, I have a moderator available to lay down the law if needed… or I can disable commenting if it gets to be uncontrollable. I will keep this place nice and clean from now on.

As my birthday is on April 2nd of the year 1982, I am considering reopening this site and getting lots of good work done a present to myself. So what am I up to?

As of very recently I was working on a large update to psx4droid. This update is MUCH faster and adds the options for OpenGL ES support which can increase performance of devices with good GPUs. Issue is Google pulled this release upon Sony’s request. I am porting the changes back over to the iOS version and I think many Apple fans will be very happy with it!

gpSPhone, the Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS will be receiving a much needed update as well. In addition to PSX, this emulator will receive iControlPad (get yours now) support in it’s next update. And best yet, many previously broken ROMs such as Camelot titles will now work thanks to patches by Yongzh of Android fame.

Then I will focus on n64iphone, snes4iphone, gameboy4iphone, and genesis4iphone. Lots to do, and I doubt I’ll be able to rewrite the entire UI as I’d like to just yet.On top of all this I also have a nifty AppStore app coming out soon. It’ll make some Cydia fans happy to see it, as I took inspiration from the community in making it.

I really am grateful for those who stick by my side and inspire me to keep providing fun apps to play with. I’m still alive and kickin’ thanks to you! Feel free to message to me on Twitter @zodttd or contact me by email via this site’s Contact page.

Thanks, :)


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